October, 2014

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Can I Make a Living Playing Online Bingo?

For some of us, Poker is a way of life. Whether you enjoy playing amongst friends, playing online, or seeking out a win or two on your mobile phone or tablet device, there are so many ways to enjoy this popular game around-the-clock in the 21st century, it’s almost mind-blowing!

But about online bingo, can you make a living playing this classic past-time game?

If you’ve ever had that feeling where it’s like a little voice inside your head asking, “what if….,” you may have (for at least one second) wondered at some point whether you can make a living by playing bingo for money. If you have, then read on, as we will shed the light on some options that you might not have thought of………..

When I grow up, I want to be a professional online bingo player! So can I?

It’s an excellent question, and one that we think many fans of the game would love someone to give them a positive answer to. However, the long and the short of it is that you really can’t expect to make a decent living by sitting at home all day, dabbing 75-ball cards. As bingo is mainly a game of chance, there’s no way to sway the outcome of a game, even if you know someone who knows someone else who works at your favorite online games site! That’s not to say you’ll never stand to win a decent amount of money at any point, and some people have been lucky enough to win sizeable jackpots while playing bingo. However, you simply can’t expect to make enough profit to be able to retire from your day job or night shift and spend the rest of your days making a career out of your favorite hobby. The odd $10 win or even $100 here or there may well present itself on regular occasions, but that alone isn’t going to be enough to live on after you factor in all your household bills, day-to-day living expenses, and your online bingo budget. So, if you’re wondering how to spend your winnings, we suggest you consider putting them into a savings account, spending them on a family holiday, or buying a treat for yourself or a friend. You can’t expect to win all the time, which is pretty much what you’d need to do in order to make a full-time job out of it; plus, playing is supposed to be fun, and if you won every single game, we’re sure it would soon become pretty boring.

Careers options

That said, if you’re interested in a career in the online bingo industry, there are potentially some other ways you could arrange to spend more time at your preferred site or doing things that relate to your favorite games.

Chat moderator

For starters, if you think you’re outgoing, approachable, friendly, helpful, diplomatic, and have an uncanny ability to multitask, you might make it as a chat moderator. CMs are the guys and girls who are in charge of hosting the rooms at the sites you play at, and they’re responsible for helping answer questions, running chat and trivia quizzes, keeping the conversation flowing and upbeat, and thinking on their feet at all times. Now, it’s not as easy to secure a job as a chat moderator as it is in other more common jobs, but with enough persistence, your efforts may well pay off; you will most likely need to search and apply for chat moderator jobs online (bear in mind that you may be required to work in a certain location, rather than your own home), or you can get in touch with a couple of your usual websites to see if they have any current or upcoming vacancies.

Games tester

Again, a games tester isn’t the most common job you come across on recruitment sites and newspaper ‘Wanted’ ads. However, someone’s got to do it, so why not you? Both new and existing online bingo sites need to sanity check the look and feel of their pages, the playability of their games (particularly new ones), get feedback on their online help functions, have people make test calls to their customer service team to see how well (or not) they perform, and much more – this is often referred to as Beta testing. Again, it’s probably best to contact your preferred brand to explain how you think you could help them provide an improved service to their members, and it’s also worth asking if they need any help or feedback from real-life members of the public on any new sites they’re planning to launch. You can also search online, though many of these positions do require the tester to have some other skills too.

Customer service team

While most customer service staff don’t get to put their feet on the desk and play games all day, applying to become a member of an online bingo customer service team could get you one step closer to the hobby you love. After all, if you’re a seasoned player, who would be able to help fellow members of the site better than you? You’re probably a pro when it comes to understanding how all the chat games operate, what type of games are available, how you go about making deposits and withdrawals to and from your account, and how the various promotions work. So, it’s worth making good use of all this knowledge and offering your services as a highly-experienced addition to your preferred site’s customer support team.

Affiliate manager

Most big operators have affiliate managers; these people are responsible for working with existing affiliates and for recruiting new affiliates to help promote their brand. They do this by encouraging new players to sign-up in return for a share of the brand’s profits. While the majority of affiliate manager job vacancies ask for existing experience of affiliate marketing or account management, they also require strong knowledge of the industry, which is where you could well have an advantage. You’ll need to have great communication skills (both written and verbal), strong negotiation and analytical skills, excellent sales ability, and an aptitude for innovation. If this sounds like the ideal job for you, just get online and look up “online bingo affiliate manager vacancies” on any internet search engine.


So, the moral of the story is, don’t give up the day job and expect to become the world’s first professional online bingo player overnight. Instead, either think about how you could create more free time to enjoy playing, or consider some of our suggestions above, which could see you getting a foot in the door of this fun and friendly online games industry.

Online Mobile Casino in Canada

There are a growing number of Canadian online Casinos. This is due to the fact that Casinos games are becoming more popular and many people are involved in gambling businesses. With the increased development of online technologies, most Canadian casinos online can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is internet access. It is actually possible to use you mobile phone to access a casino online, thank to the Online Mobile Casinos made possible by the Canadian Casinos.

Online Mobile Casino

A person accessing the Canadian online Casinos for the first time will testify how interesting it is. In your Online Mobile Casino, you will realize everything has been put in its own slot. There are several slots that you may not know which one to choose. However, there are popular interesting slots that you could be interested in. These include:

a)      The Russian Roulette

Ask a friend who accesses the Canadian Casinos Online using an Online Mobile Casino about the favorite game having many players. The answer will be definitely the Russian roulette. This classy game is still rolling all over the world with its mystery, glooming temptations, and secrets. There are actually 3 common roulettes offered by the Canadian Online Casinos that you can access through your Online Mobile Casino. They include American, European, and the French roulettes. If you want to try this out, just type in Canadian Russian Roulette.

b)      The Casino Online Card Games

No one hates cards. Right! The Canadian Casino Online is also trying hard to keep the passion for playing cards intact. Imagine having a variety of card games: Blackjack, Baccarat, and Video poker. When you access these games in your Online Mobile Casino, you will definitely get the procedure of playing if you are a new player. All the strategies and methods on how to play the games are included in the Canadian Casinos Online. With your Online Mobile Casino, you can win as many games as you want. You can start from simple level as a starter to a complex level and even get a chance to compete internationally.

c)      Casino Online Bonuses

With your Online Mobile Casino, you can easily access the slot for Canadian Casino Online bonuses. Where can you play and get paid at the same time? It only happens in the Canadian Online Casinos. As you access an online casino, you can sign up for bonuses or sometimes just wait and get a surprise. The Canadian Online Casinos ensure all players get a chance to get bonuses. There are plentiful bonuses that one can win varying from match casino bonuses, free casino bonuses, weekly or monthly bonuses, to sticky casino bonuses. To learn more about these, just go to your Online Mobile Casino and search for Canadian Online Casino Bonuses.

Canadian Casinos Online, therefore, offer opportunity for every person. You have a choice of what to do while in the online casino. So next time you are bored, don’t wait to be told what to do. Join the casino games and play or get paid. Through your Online Mobile Casino, you can get all you want.

Gambling in Asia

Gambling in Asia

All cultures around the world enjoy betting but none as much as the Asian culture.Gambling on simple card games and tile games is common but all forms of betting are typicallyagainst the law.

Gambling is popular throughout Asia, from Indonesia to Vietnambut it is China that is the most significant player in the gambling industry.The first hard evidence of betting in China comes from 700 BC when ivory dominoes were uncovered along with evidence of their use in gambling games.It’s believed that traditional decks of cards originated in tudor times in England, in fact they actually came from Asia and that Saracens brought packs of cards from Asia on their travels.Betting, wagering, gambling; whatever you choose to call it, has been played across Asia since before Christ was born, now that’s just incredible!

Gambling in Asia

Gambling in Asia

Betting was seen as a kind of amusement in ancient China. It’s believed that betting on results of games began around the periods of Xia (2000-1500 B.C.) and Shang (1700-1027 B.C.). The royal dynasties at that time.It started as a royal activity, gambling over cards and the outcomes of games of chance but at some point, like with most things, it spread out to rural folk, outside of the towns and cities.Needless to say, betting comes with its own problems, and it was around this early time of the Chinese Dynasties that the first betting difficulties arose.

Gambling was becoming popular all over the Chinese nation and further and it is believed that that some individuals were now using gambling as a means to an income, rather than finding stable work.Gambling brings a lot of issues to a society and it crosses all levels of society, with Chinese government officials actually stealing from government taxation money.Gambling establishments as they are now, began to crop up in the 1850s, but within A hundred years the sport was banned in 1949 in China.

Internet gambling is also now broadly played with m88 leading the marketplace.

China has a background of believing in destiny and chance and so its easy to see why gambling is so popular with the chinese people. This is the same across other Asian countries including Lao and Cambodia.