An Alternative Approach to Learning

Poker with the likes of Unibet casino is a mesmeric game, a true hypnosis of fun, joy and absolute pain and heartache. It is a conundrum, a contradiction and a dream come true. It is also very difficult to make a sustainable living despite the numbers of professional players seemingly growing each year.

So how do you become a better poker player? How do you rise to the summit? You have to work hard and play hard. You need to be learning how to improve your game when your opponent’s are asleep. Here are two alternative ways of improving your game.

#1 Become a Rock

A rookie mistake that poker players make is to play too many hands. This happens because of the human brains desire to turn everything into a habit in order to keep things nice and simple. When you start playing poker you are no doubt doing it for fun, and are playing 100% of hands. This becomes a nasty habit to ditch especially because you have connected fun to playing all of your hands.

If you have this problem then a great approach to take is to play insanely tight. Only play the premium hands and never widen your range irrespective of position. This will help you feel what life is like from across the road, will instil discipline and change your habit.

#2 Raise of Fold

Another interesting, but seldom-used training technique, is to play a few sessions where you can only call a bet on the river. Pre flop, flop and turn action means you can only raise or fold. This will provide you with experience on when you shift gears and get more aggressive and also when to slow down and fold. Pay particular attention to how your opponent reacts in the face of the constant raise. Watch how uncomfortable life is for them and see how you can incorporate this into your game.

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