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3 Punters Who Should Have Gambled Online

You know that saying, “You win some, you lose some”? Well, some gamblers just haven’t taken that proverb to heart. Instead of spending time at the tables trying to win money fair and square, they resort to hare-brained casino heists and cheating schemes. If the real-world casinos aren’t delivering enough big wins for your liking, take your gambling online, where payouts are bigger, win ratios are higher and you never have to leave the house to enjoy a good pokie. Don’t be like these foolish gamblers.

  1. “The Sock Cheaters”

These two cheaters sound like they just walked out of a 70s’ casino movie plot – except, of course, they got caught. Two physics students at the University of California built a computer tiny enough to fit into a shoe and programmed the computer to read the wheel movements. That computer, worn by one student, then transmitted signals to the other player’s shoe so he could make a winning bet. Sounds ingenious? You bet! But while they were a creative pair, their ideas far surpassed their execution – the computer short-circuited more than once, each time leaving the unlucky cheater with a burnt sock, a suspicious smoky odour and a nasty electric shock. Needless to say, they eventually got caught and sent to jail.

  1. Anthony Carleo

On a frosty December morning,, a man armed with nothing but a handgun and a motorcycle helmet walked into the Bellagio casino and left with a bag containing $1.5 million in gambling chips. Anthony Carleo really should’ve asked for cash. Since the early 2000s, the top Vegas casinos have put tracking devices on the highest-denomination chips, and the Bellagio was no exception. Since he wasn’t able to cash in any of the chips he stole, the only takeaway that the thief got from his endeavor was bragging rights – and brag he did, till the day someone reported his exploits and the police came knocking.

  1. Soboba Casino

Ronaldo Luda Ramos was a security employee at the Soboba Casino in Las Vegas. By his own account, he watched one casino heist movie too many. After watching Ocean’s Eleven Ramos decided to attempt his own grand heist, attacking two colleagues and making off with $1.5 million. He didn’t account for CCTV footage, though – an unforgivable mistake given that he was the one responsible for installing the CCTV cameras in the first place – and was readily identified and arrested.

So if you’re ever tempted to lie, cheat or steal during your next trip to the casino, don’t. You might end up like these hapless punters. Gamble online instead, and rake in big money the legal way.

Australia’s Best Real Money Online Casino

If you are looking for real money, you should play at the best real money casino available. With so many different gambling options for Aussies, chances are that you might feel a bit confused about the different options. Because we have a massive amount of experience in relates to the gambling industry, we know the best options available if you want to make some real money.

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The Variety of Casino Poker Games

The game of poker is one of those that can boast of many kinds. It has a pretty long story. So, there is no wonder that there are so many kinds of poker. Throughout the whole history of poker players enjoyed the game bringing in certain changes and adapting it to the tastes of certain social layers. So, if you are the person who does not like to betray a game and still you hate it making the same moves from game to game then poker is designed exactly for you.

Casino poker games are as variable as you can ever imagine. Choosing to play poker games online you can opt for the most popular poker kind like Texas Holdem and Omaha hi lo. Or else you can play all kinds of stud poker, pai gow and strip poker to have lots of fun. Whenever you sign up for a site offering poker kinds to enjoy you will have to download poker games software.

On the internet you will not find too many websites offering free pokies australia. However, if certain payments are required you should check at least that you are not overpaying. Thus, you should be aware of the fact that on the web there are sites offering more of opportunities to play free games and there are those with a smaller number of those. So, the clear thing is that sticking to the ones with more of free games is much more profitable. At the same time, you should always check out if the software on the sites that sound more attractive is really acceptable. To tell you the truth, you can never know that until you try it out. Though there is a way. If you ask subscribers a question you are sure to get the true answer. Or else you can look for feedbacks on special poker forums.

Free Online Slots Offer Plenty Of Inexpensive Fun

These days, there are a lot of reasons to play free online slots. Even when you’re playing these games without the chance of a big payoff, they can still be a lot of fun, which can be enough reason. With the great graphics and stereo sound they offer, these slots can be as entertaining as any online video game you might encounter.

You’ll also want to play free slots online offered at Online Slots so that you can understand the wide variety of features that each game offers. Gone are the days when all slots had just a few pay lines, a few symbols and few if any bonuses.

Nowadays, you’re dealing with Wilds, Stacked Wilds, Scatter symbols and Multipliers, among other features. There might also be multiple bonus rounds. So it’s a good idea to play free slots online to see if you want to give a game your time or your money.

Rhodrey Reid, Head of Gaming at says:

“Lots of the main stream casinos are offering up no deposit bonuses in 2016 as the market is ultra competitive. They need new players and they’re willing to offer up free spins without having to deposit. It’s worth bearing in mind if you want to take it up a notch from free play but don’t yet want to part with any cash.”

One thing to keep in mind when you play free online slots is that some of the special features that a game offers may not be available. This is especially true if the free online slots you’re playing offer progressive jackpots. In almost all cases, that part of the game is only evident if you’re playing for real money.

Locations Where You Can Play Free Online Slots

If you want to play free online slots, probably the best place to look is the same place you would look if you wanted to play slots for money. Almost all internet casinos will allow you to play all of their games, including their slots, for free. Many sites do not even require you to join their casino to play. Their hope is that you will enjoy their games so much that you will become a member and start spending money in their casino.

Besides casinos, there are other locations on the internet where you can play free slots online. Most of the software manufacturers of slot games have their own sites in which you can try out their games. While most offer almost all of their games, these sites are particularly anxious to show off their newest creations. The major suppliers of games, including Microgaming and NetEnt, usually have several new games every month.

If you enjoy playing a free online slot at the sites of any of these developers, they will always offer you a link to several internet casinos that offer their games. You can then begin to play the slot you like for real money and give yourself the chance for a big payoff.

In addition to the internet casinos and the sites of the software manufacturers, there are other sites you can find which have been created specifically to offer free online slots. These sites have many of the same games that you can play at these other locations. If you enjoy playing a particular game, these sites also offer links to online casinos which offer the game with a chance to play for real money.

Finding Right Casino

Finding Right Casino for your capability can be challenging. That may not be a question you have regarded, but going out to the wrong Casino can have a huge effect on your money. When Jay Sarno first imagined Caesars Structure his idea was to provide a new stage of magnificent hotels and game enjoying for a innovative (read: wealthy) number of gamers. To this day, Caesars continues to be a Casino with a greater amount of upper-limit gaming tables and high-end port machine game activities than the common Casino in Las vegas.

When Harrah’s Enjoyment lately modified its name to Caesars Enjoyment, it was not because they thought it seemed better, it was because they desired to try and increase their picture. The company functions and functions a complete of 50 betting houses, nine of which are in Las vegas.

Using the Caesars team as an example, innovative (experienced) players are more likely to perform at Caesars Structure and the Rio. Space prices are greater, desk boundaries are often $25 lowest, and there is a predominance of 25-cent and $1 port machine game activities. Gamblers with little or no experience may enjoy the atmosphere, but they are likely to find that the greater boundaries will effect their fun.

Players who have some experience with betting but would choose not to have to tap their 401K plan to invest per week in Las vegas may feel more relaxed at Caesars Enjoyment qualities like Harrah’s, London and World The show biz industry. The space prices won’t break you and the desk boundaries float nearer to $10 and $15 lowest requirements. Foods, especially in the Eiffel Structure Cafe, are expensive.

If you are new to betting and want to stay at a Casino without going split, check out the offers at Bally’s , Flamingo, Bill’s, and the Imperial Structure. The qualities are older and provide affordable areas, plus the advantage of reasonably priced meals in fast food restaurants and food legal courts. These four betting houses are all in a line along the Remove and provide an high energy and fun game enjoying experience.

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How Mobile Casino Games Are Perfect For You

Online casino games are not only good time killers but they are also lucrative. Every time you win, you earn cash. Cash withdrawal is easy and safe. However, the need to switch on a laptop or desktop, whenever you feel like playing, may be keeping you from visiting casino websites. These days, like most others, you are closer to your smartphone.

A simple mobile app opens a host of casino games for you

For playing your favorite casino game, you just need to download the app on your device. The app is compatible for both Android and iOS devices. Right after the download, you will be prompted to create an account. With a friendly interface and advanced graphics, it takes not more than a few minutes to complete account creation. That is it. You are all set to start playing. Many mobile apps offer freebies in the form of bonuses. Meaning, you need not make any cash deposit and begin playing any game of your choice straight away.

Play games on the move

This is perhaps the best benefit for the busy individual. You are always on the move sometimes for business or for business lunches. You may be a student, who spends most of his time in the university library and café. With mobile casino, you can now play games while you are moving from one destination to the other or waiting for your next lesson to begin.

Your winnings are safe

Even if the device is a smartphone, the safety and security of your rewards is guaranteed. Your account can only be accessed with the password that you will choose. It is always advised that you should select a difficult one and never reveal it to anyone. This way, your winnings will remain inaccessible to the unscrupulous people.

Wide variety of games on your palm

The available range of games remains as wide as the range available via laptop or desktop. Therefore, never think that you will have to settle for a game that does not appeal to you. You have a good scope for experimenting as well as to explore more about mobile casino.

Easy withdrawal of winnings

Just as in online gaming, you can withdraw the cash you have won via mobile casino easily. Simply learn the correct way of doing it by going through the FAQ section of the app or by visiting the casino website.

Significant strategies involved in roulette game

Roulette game is the most popular entertainment in the gambling industry. Players will often look for different ways and strategies to become a winner in this game. You want to plan your bet in well organised way so that it will help for your success. There are more numbers of innovative plans are available in the industry and it is mainly to increase the winning chances of player. The strategia roulette is the main motive for the augmentation for roulette game. If you are a player in the game you will get the roulette table in your screen and in that space you want to make your bets.

A wheel will attached to all the boxes of the table and the trader will twist the wheel. The person in charge will insert a ball into the wheel and it will stop in any location of the box and finally it will decide the winner. The uncomplicated system involved in this game attracts more number of users and it gains the reputation. As a bettor you want to place your bet in the given boxes. If you place the bet on red colour and the appealing ball stops on red means then you are the winner or else you can make a double bet on the box until the ball comes on red box. You can see diverse variations in martingale system. In Fibonacci system, even the creator will involved as a player in the betting process.

How Online Bingo Can Entertain You Non-Stop

With stressful moments abound, each day would seem bleak and dark if you only worked. That is why online bingo has become so popular lately. People, who work in 9-5 jobs, are freelancers, as well as businesspersons play bingo right from their computers and laptops. They not only enjoy the games but also win cash, chips, and jackpots. You too could start playing Bingo right now; check for rooms of free bingo. The following paragraphs explain the numerous benefits that these Bingo games offer:

All you need is internet connection

For playing online bingo, you only need an internet-enabled device. Visit the gaming website and choose the Bingo section. Next, you will be asked to create an account, which hardly takes a couple of minutes. Once your account is ready, you are all set to play the games you like. Generally, the site offers the players a host of playing options, which makes playing Bingo too exciting.

Your winnings and details are well secure

Are you worried your earning may be lost? Well, the online bingo sites have secure servers, which keep the passwords allotted to different players safe. Meaning, whatever you win remains secure in your account and whenever you log back in, you will be able to see your winnings. Moreover, these sites treasure the details of the players and that is why they do not share them with any other site. In short, you will not receive any spam in your inbox. For more understanding, you should read the Privacy Policy on the Bingo website.

A range of Bingo games for you

Bingo is a versatile game and online bingo has a host of Bingo games for you. The variations are new and very enjoyable. You are unlikely to find so many varieties of Bingo games in brick and mortar casino. The variations are developed keeping in mind the preference of modern players. That is why like many other players, you will find these games super interesting.

Interact with other online players

True, you are the only one playing via your device. But as many Bingo websites allow you to communicate with other players, you will never feel alone while playing it. Many new players learn surviving strategies from old players while many others share their winning tips with others.

Play anytime

You work until late night and by that time, most land casinos are closed for the day. With online version of bingo, there is no time restraint. The gaming websites are open day and night allowing the players to try their luck whenever they feel the itch. Furthermore, as players from around the globe play on these sites, you are always likely to find other players on the gaming site.

Casinos online – A world of entertainment

Internet is a huge resource nowadays and it is not only meant for education and to gather information but it has turned out to be tremendously big in the globe of entertainment. In this fun environment online game occupies the first place. In the evolution of online games there are text based games with complex graphics and later it is developed to virtual world. The gaming websites allow the user to create a group and play with multiple players so it is turned to be a social activity. As per your individual interests there are different types of online games. In this online casinos make the great impact in gaming industry. It becomes a favourite game for all people around the world.

If you have good internet facility then it is an easy task to earn money by playing online casinos. People who frequently gamble in roulette online will know about the top rated online casino games. It is fun and entertainment filled gaming activity which is really based on gambling to earn huge source of money. In download based game you can download the software from the web and you can install it in your personal computer. In web based game you can challenge and play with multiple players for the sake of money. Some casino website offers you with signup bonus amount to make trust and interest for the players.


A relatively recent newcomer to the best free bingo shortlist is Winner Bingo. Winner Bingo opened its doors in June 2012 and is part of the Group. Once you get on this free bingo site you will see a lush green field that is full of pink flowers as well as a cartoon character who is sipping a cocktail from a coconut shell.

The home page details the welcome bonus and a feed which shows the upcoming games. Winner Bingo uses Virtue Fusion / Playtech as their software and this offers a great gaming experience when playing at this brand.

The registration process has a form which consists of three sections namely, Personal Information, Account information and Contact Information.

Once you complete the sign-up process you will have to create a username before stepping into the bingo world of this brand. This username is the one that will be used to refer to you by the chat hosts as well as roomies.

You will then go straight to the lobby where there are a lot of games that are available at Winner Bingo.

Winner Bingo has 75, 80 and 90 ball games that are across a number of rooms. Some of the games are themed and include Deal or No Deal. Apart from bingo there are a number of instant win games that are available including Clover Rollover where the progressive jackpot exceeds £1 million .

The room layout has only six of your bingo tickets because more space has been allocated to mini games played on the screen. Inside the bingo room you will find that your chat room is to the left of your screen and the tickets take up the remaining part of the screen.

Winner Bingo has a number of promotions apart from the welcome bonus which include weekly specials.

The first deposit bonus that is offered by Winner Bingo is 500% ,it has wagering requirements of four times the bonus received. However this first deposit bonus depends on the amount which you deposit but to a maximum of £10. The minimum deposit that is required at Winner Bingo is £5 while the minimum amount you can withdraw is £1.

Winner Bingo pros

> This is a trusted bingo network as well as software

> The have a low minimum amount for withdrawal

> You have an option to accept bonuses or not.

> Winner Bingo cons

> They have flash banners on the home page which become irritating after a while.

> There is a limited number of bingo tickets on the main screen

> The main room has too much space which is given to instant win games.

Winner Bingo bonuses include a 500% match bonus on first deposit for the new players. Occasionally Winner Bingo may offer a bonus code to be used at their site.

Winner Bingo uses Virtue Fusion software, it is operated and owned by PT Entertainment Services Limited.

Winner Bingo support can be reached through 0800 0662 417 or email. It is licensed in Antigua and Barbuda.