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3 Punters Who Should Have Gambled Online

You know that saying, “You win some, you lose some”? Well, some gamblers just haven’t taken that proverb to heart. Instead of spending time at the tables trying to win money fair and square, they resort to hare-brained casino heists and cheating schemes. If the real-world casinos aren’t delivering enough big wins for your liking, take your gambling online, where payouts are bigger, win ratios are higher and you never have to leave the house to enjoy a good pokie. Don’t be like these foolish gamblers.

  1. “The Sock Cheaters”

These two cheaters sound like they just walked out of a 70s’ casino movie plot – except, of course, they got caught. Two physics students at the University of California built a computer tiny enough to fit into a shoe and programmed the computer to read the wheel movements. That computer, worn by one student, then transmitted signals to the other player’s shoe so he could make a winning bet. Sounds ingenious? You bet! But while they were a creative pair, their ideas far surpassed their execution – the computer short-circuited more than once, each time leaving the unlucky cheater with a burnt sock, a suspicious smoky odour and a nasty electric shock. Needless to say, they eventually got caught and sent to jail.

  1. Anthony Carleo

On a frosty December morning,, a man armed with nothing but a handgun and a motorcycle helmet walked into the Bellagio casino and left with a bag containing $1.5 million in gambling chips. Anthony Carleo really should’ve asked for cash. Since the early 2000s, the top Vegas casinos have put tracking devices on the highest-denomination chips, and the Bellagio was no exception. Since he wasn’t able to cash in any of the chips he stole, the only takeaway that the thief got from his endeavor was bragging rights – and brag he did, till the day someone reported his exploits and the police came knocking.

  1. Soboba Casino

Ronaldo Luda Ramos was a security employee at the Soboba Casino in Las Vegas. By his own account, he watched one casino heist movie too many. After watching Ocean’s Eleven Ramos decided to attempt his own grand heist, attacking two colleagues and making off with $1.5 million. He didn’t account for CCTV footage, though – an unforgivable mistake given that he was the one responsible for installing the CCTV cameras in the first place – and was readily identified and arrested.

So if you’re ever tempted to lie, cheat or steal during your next trip to the casino, don’t. You might end up like these hapless punters. Gamble online instead, and rake in big money the legal way.

Gambling in Asia

Gambling in Asia

All cultures around the world enjoy betting but none as much as the Asian culture.Gambling on simple card games and tile games is common but all forms of betting are typicallyagainst the law.

Gambling is popular throughout Asia, from Indonesia to Vietnambut it is China that is the most significant player in the gambling industry.The first hard evidence of betting in China comes from 700 BC when ivory dominoes were uncovered along with evidence of their use in gambling games.It’s believed that traditional decks of cards originated in tudor times in England, in fact they actually came from Asia and that Saracens brought packs of cards from Asia on their travels.Betting, wagering, gambling; whatever you choose to call it, has been played across Asia since before Christ was born, now that’s just incredible!

Gambling in Asia

Gambling in Asia

Betting was seen as a kind of amusement in ancient China. It’s believed that betting on results of games began around the periods of Xia (2000-1500 B.C.) and Shang (1700-1027 B.C.). The royal dynasties at that time.It started as a royal activity, gambling over cards and the outcomes of games of chance but at some point, like with most things, it spread out to rural folk, outside of the towns and cities.Needless to say, betting comes with its own problems, and it was around this early time of the Chinese Dynasties that the first betting difficulties arose.

Gambling was becoming popular all over the Chinese nation and further and it is believed that that some individuals were now using gambling as a means to an income, rather than finding stable work.Gambling brings a lot of issues to a society and it crosses all levels of society, with Chinese government officials actually stealing from government taxation money.Gambling establishments as they are now, began to crop up in the 1850s, but within A hundred years the sport was banned in 1949 in China.

Internet gambling is also now broadly played with m88 leading the marketplace.

China has a background of believing in destiny and chance and so its easy to see why gambling is so popular with the chinese people. This is the same across other Asian countries including Lao and Cambodia.